Blue Dot Planet

Our Services

  • Business Plans Modelling: we can build, review, update business plans for your company; we will spend time with yourself and your staff to understand the exact goals of the plan; once the process is complete, we will hand over the models to your staff and provide adequate training
  • Business Plans Challenging: are you not sure of the assumptions used by your teams ? We can provide an independent and fact-based review of the models and the figures.
  • Capital Adequacy: we can review the adequacy of the capital used by your company and recommend a dividend policy
  • Data Analysis: we can provide statistics on data files or data samples
  • Strategic Studies: we can build strategic reviews of your business and collaborate with you to build new strategies
  • Mergers, Acquisitions: we can provide technical support to your projects - identify targets, timelines, project management
  • Board representations: we can serve as independent member to Boards and Board Committees and provide our expertise on financial topics, governance, audit, risk management